Customize. Impress. Enjoy

Harmoniq Audio strives to deliver a personal touch to your soundsystem. With magnet-based front covers in different styles and colors, Rhizome becomes a dynamic part of your interior design and will never go out of style.

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    Personalize your speakers

    Add personality to your speakers and complement your interior design, by choosing which front fabrics match your home. Make your living space dynamic, by changing fabrics to match your mood.



    Amazing sound

    We use state of the art components from the Danish manufacturer, Scan-Speak. By placing them in a carefully crafted cabinet and powering them with our very own crossover, we have made a speaker that delivers clean highs, deep bass and a smooth midrange.

    Durable and sustainable

    The cabinet is made from robust and sustainable bamboo and vibration-dampened with recycled natural rubber and glass fiber. This makes for a long-lasting, sustainable speaker that absorbs all unwanted frequencies.

    Easy connectivity

    With the new Bluetooth 5.0, connecting to your devices is quicker and easier than ever. Use True Wireless Stereo to connect two Rhizome speakers with each other and get the full stereo experience.


    We use a DSP-controlled amplifier from Texas Instruments and our very own print boards. This allow for low distortion and a high level of efficiency.

    Outer dimentions

    WxHxD: 260x460x279 mm


    Class D capable of 2x 175 Watts RMS
    DSP controlled crossover at 2300 Hz

    Freqeuncy response

    From  47 Hz to 20000 Hz ± 3 dB
    SPL: 90 dB at 2,83 V/m

    Speaker units

    Tweeter: Dual ring radiator
    Woofer: Coated fiberglass cone

    10 years of warranty

    We trust in our craft. Enjoy a 10-year warranty
    and long-lasting sustainable sound.

    Who are we?

    Harmoniq audio is a tech start-up, started in early 2019. Our goal is to innovate the way speakers are produced, used and recycled. We started this journey with a focus on the development of new, sustainable alternatives to speaker components, including insulation and cabinets.
    Harmoniq audio was originally founded by Lasse Hald Andersen and Troels Mikkelsen. Lasse and Troels have known each other since kindergarten and their passion for making speakers started, like many others, with building speakers for the camp at Roskilde Festival and later for friends who needed to use festival speakers for their own camps.
    Since then, Lasse (Right) continued the journey and has been educated as an electronics technologist and prof. Bachelor in innovation and entrepreneurship, and are now running the business, while having a full-time job on the side. 
    The interest in speaker production has led to an insight into the speaker industry, which has formed one of Harmoniq audio’s central goals: to develop sustainable speakers while creating as good Hi-Fi as possible.